Diminution of Value (DV) Reports

Inherent Diminished Value Report

This report is for inherent diminished value only and does not require a physical inspection of the vehicle. Please review the "Inherent Diminished Value" section of the "What is Diminished Value?" page to decide if this report is for you or if you would like a physical report done by one of our staff members. The purpose of obtaining an "Inherent Diminished Value" report is to identify the average loss of market value sustained due to a vehicle's damage history.

Physical Diminished Value Report

This report is conducted by one of our staff professionals and entails a complete physical inspection of the repaired vehicle covering both "Insurance Related Diminished Value" as well as "Repair Related Diminished Value". This detailed report and inspection will also determine if the vehicle has been poorly repaired and will indicate any unsafe repairs noted, as well as suggest possible remedies for any indiscretions, omissions, or other deficiencies.

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