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Most people don’t have an in-depth knowledge of collision repairs and find themselves at the mercy of repair shops and insurance companies. Unfortunately, some repairers are more interested in making a buck than they are in the quality of repair your automobile receives. The sooner your vehicle is out the door, the sooner they can get the next one in – regardless of what really needs to be done to your vehicle.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that some insurance company representatives are more concerned with cutting expenses than they are with the quality of the repair. Insurance companies have two main priorities: 1) Maintain profits for their stockholders and 2) Control premium prices. While no one would disagree with controlling premium expenses, this is often accomplished through the use of inferior parts or omitting or denying certain needed repairs.

Collision Consulting will assist you, the consumer, in making sure proper repairs are completed on your vehicle, and that sufficient and proper compensation is made by the insurer. We will review the insurance estimate with you and the repair facility for thoroughness and accuracy. We will monitor the repair process with you and continuously assess the repair work for any deficiencies in safety, quality, function and appearance. Collision Consulting can then furnish you with a detailed Diminished Value report once repairs are completed.

Collision Consulting can help you answer the following questions and more:

  • How can the repair process be speeded up if the insurance company hasn’t looked at the vehicle yet?
  • Are all the procedures necessary to return your automobile to pre-loss condition being addressed?
  • What is the down side of using a shop that the insurance company recommends?
  • If the insurance company is demanding “used” or aftermarket parts, can anything be done?
  • Will the shop look out for my interests, or that of the insurance company?
  • How will the repair methods chosen affect the diminished value of the vehicle?

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