Panel-by-Panel Assessment

Post Repair Inspection Report

  1. Uniside Panel/Door Opening – Left
      Obvious Flaws/Defects/Deficiencies noted during inspection – many would be visible to the untrained eye.

    1. Panel bonded – NOT a manufacturer endorsed procedure – MAY COMPROMISE SAFETY.
  2. Rear Wheelhouse – Left
      Flaws/Defects/Deficiencies readily visible to trained professional.

    1. Unrepaired damage – damage remaining.
    2. Caulk/Seam sealer – improper or inadequate.
  3. Rear Quarter Panel – Left
      Minor Flaws/Defects/Deficiencies visible to trained professional upon close inspection.

    1. Panel bonded – NOT a manufacturer endorsed procedure – MAY COMPROMISE SAFETY.
    2. Excessive debris in finish – not properly sanded and polished to remove contamination.
  4. Trunk/Rear Floor
      Flaws/Defects/Deficiencies readily visible to trained professional.

    1. Welds burned through panel(s) – MAY COMPROMISE SAFETY.
    2. Excessive gaps between panel mating surfaces (debris collection causes premature corrosion).
    3. Improper use of undercoating (possible attempt to hide inferior/incomplete repairs).
  5. Rear Bumper Cover
      Defects/Deficiencies/Flaws noted that would be blatantly apparent to even the untrained eye.

    1. Paint color mismatched – wrong color.
  6. Frame/Unibody
      Damage NOT repaired or repaired VERY poorly (some deficiencies may render vehicle unsafe to operate).

    1. Poor/improper welds – MAY COMPROMISE SAFETY.
    2. Unrepaired damage remaining – kinks/buckles in frame rail – MAY COMPROMISE SAFETY.

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