Below there are several links to automotive collision and insurance claim related websites that we at Collision Consulting believe to be consumer oriented and informative. Following each link is a brief description of the site. Some sites have several areas and whenever possible we have linked directly to the most pertinent area of the site. Please understand that we have no control over these sites, we have no input as to their content, and we have not received any compensation for the inclusion of the links. We suggest that you store the main page of this website in your “favorites” menu for future reference.

CBS News has recently exposed deception and fraud in the used car industry involving the rebuilding of previously wrecked (totaled) vehicles, how the poor repairs contribute to serious injury and death in future wrecks, and the nondiscloser of any damage history by dealers, or inability of online reporting companies like CarFax to report the damage history.

Consumer Alert! “Across America, cars that should go straight to the junkyard are instead being rebuilt and resold, to unsuspecting consumers, like Gerri Nash’s daughter, Connie.” ATLANTA, April 29, 2004

View in Windows Media Player – CBS News Reports on Rebuilt Wrecks

View in Real Player – CBS News Reports on Rebuilt Wrecks

“But, critics say when it comes to many accidents, online reporting companies fall short. A class-action lawsuit against Carfax claims the company doesn’t have access to police accident data in 23 states.” “Next time, she says, she’ll make sure to get her own inspection, before she buys.” CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 30, 2004

View in Windows Media Player – CBS Reports Nondiscloser of Rebuilt Wrecks

View in Real Player – CBS News Reports – Nondiscloser of Rebuilt Wrecks

ICAN 2000

Quite possibly the BEST internet resource for consumer protection, the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network site has a wealth of information. J.D. Howard, former insurance adjuster and independant appraiser created this site to be a national support network for insurance consumers. This page offers information regarding which insurance coverage consumers should have, insurance company rates and complaints, state insurance departments and much more. A very informative and educational site – YOU SHOULD CHECK THIS WEBSITE.

Consumers’ Auto Detective

Consumers’ Auto Detective assists the consumer after the collision. By providing information in the insurance claim process we provide help and tips to the consumer that will aid in the auto body repair experience. Inspections for safety, function, quality of repair and diminished value protect the consumer and help him/her in the insurance claims process or in the purchase or pre purchase of a used car or truck. If the collision damaged vehicle is not repairable, but becomes a total loss, Consumers’ Auto Detective will provide the consumer with fair evaluations to aid in the fair settlement of their claim.

Auto Claims Help

Founded by Charlie Barone, a widely recognized and respected consumer advocate. Based in the Philidelphia, Pennsylvania area, AutoClaimsHelp has assisted consumers across the country. This site has contact info for Mr. Barone should you wish to reach him for further assistance.

Automotive Collision Repair Services

A great site for all consumers who seek information regarding the collision repair process and claims procedures. While some of the issues discussed within this site are specifically focused on New Hampshire, there is information that pertains to everyone who owns an automobile.

The C.C.R.E.

Another premier site dedicated to educating shops on how to empower the consumer. The CCRE (Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence) is an inter-industry organization whose efforts are focused on eliminating inferior parts and inferior repairs. There are pages with indepth information on Diminished Value, news media articles, and an excellent list of state insurance departments (where to send insurance related complaints to).

The Plan

Created by former insurance industry professional Ron Alford, this site is dedicated strictly to consumer education. This site is devoid of both insurance industry influence and collision repairer influence as well. Mr. Alford has been recognized by CNBC, CNN ABC, CBS, and 400 plus other radio and TV talk shows hosts as a perpendicular thinker and true consumer educator.

Practically everything anyone could ever want to know about insurance. This website has information about claims handling/settling practices, insurance information on a state by state basis, insurance claims office numbers for most insurers, and much more. You can also get quotes on premiums.

A.M. Best

A.M. Best rates insurance companies on variety of categories, including claims handling and complaints. They also rate attorneys and claims adjusters.

Pro Discussions Forum

This site is dedicated to the collision repair professional. Timely news articles that will be of interest to the consumer can be found in the left hand column of the opening page. There is a “bulletin board” type forum as well where consumers can read how progressive consumer based shops are dealing with the insurance industy’s lack of ethics and morals.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The IIHS site has safety ratings/crash test results for many vehicles, information on airbags and airbag safety, news releases and more.

US Department of Transportation

Direct link to US DOT safety page with links to several other governmental agencies dealing with automobile issues.

National Highway Traffic Safety Institute

One of the most imortant arms of the US Department of Transportation. Information on vehicle safety – including additional crash test data, passenger safety – how to not get injured, recall information and more.

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