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On September 3rd, 2004, Collision Consulting had the privilege and honor of being interviewed on National Public Radio’s (NPR) “Motley Fool” radio show. NPR is a widely recognized prestigious media source heard across the United States, and the Motley Fool is a program that deals with financial issues, investments, and business.

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CBS News has recently exposed deception and fraud in the used car industry involving the rebuilding of previously wrecked (totaled) vehicles, how the poor repairs contribute to serious injury and death in future wrecks, and the nondiscloser of any damage history by dealers, or inability of online reporting companies like CarFax to report the damage history.

Consumer Alert! “Across America, cars that should go straight to the junkyard are instead being rebuilt and resold, to unsuspecting consumers, like Gerri Nash’s daughter, Connie.” ATLANTA, April 29, 2004

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“But, critics say when it comes to many accidents, online reporting companies fall short. A class-action lawsuit against Carfax claims the company doesn’t have access to police accident data in 23 states.” “Next time, she says, she’ll make sure to get her own inspection, before she buys.” CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 30, 2004

View in Windows Media Player – CBS Reports Nondiscloser of Rebuilt Wrecks

View in Real Player – CBS News Reports – Nondiscloser of Rebuilt Wrecks

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